Experience. Quality. Integrity.
Experience. Quality. Integrity.
Factory Certified, Committed to Quality

Bathtub, Shower Floor & Shower Seat Inlay/Overlay Systems

We are partnered with some of the largest, and some of the smallest, manufacturers in the world, and we are committed to Quality products.

We partner with the largest independent US-based bathtub, shower floor and shower seat inlay/overlay system manufacturer. This allows us to provide you with more options and the highest quality products.

Through the manufacturer of this product line

we also provide:
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Strongest Bathtub, Shower Floor & Shower Seat Inlay/Overlay in the Industry
  • Accurate Duplication of Your Existing Bathtub, Shower Floor or Shower Seat.
  • Product Samples to Help You Select Your Product.

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We quote all projects onsite at the time of service; however, we can give you an estimate accurate to within ten percent, over the phone upon scheduling.

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